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Canadian Disability Association


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..... after lifetimes of consideration, the only resolve to make an inclusive Canada for citizens with physical disabilities is to enforce the guidelines set out in our respective building codes.

                 In the USA they have the ADA (American Disability Association), which respects the rights of their disabled citizens. I propose modelling the Canadian Disability Association and ACT after the ADA’s act, where offenders to their act are fined.


We would like your support

in the form of a petition directed at our federal government for their participation and guidelines for the Canadian Disability Association and act. As a Canadian citizen, by completing the form, you will be showing respect for the rights of disabled Canadians, by respecting our building codes set out for them.  You will also be supporting the need for monitoring and enforcement of our building codes and environments on a regular basis.  Your support for an inclusive Canada will help us all in some way, some day.

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